OK, I have one more suggestion. Reading your post, it looks like you aren't really looking for something expensive (e.g. a Leica,) but just something that's easy to use and is kind of cool. I have one for you--a Kodak Bullet camera. These are very "Deco" and came out in 1936. They are made of Bakelite! There is no focus, no setting shutter speeds, etc. They are basically a fancy Brownie, and you shoot them on sunny days outdoors. They cost under $20--that's a lot of of "cool" for the money! There is a hitch. They use 127 film. It's available from bigger supply outfits such as B&H Photo or Freestyle Photographic Supply. It's basically a smaller version of 120 film. The Bullet is likely to be working OK but may need to be cleaned inside & out. They are very simple but well styled. They were very popular, and that means there are a lot of them for sale on eBay. That makes them pretty cheap! Make sure you get a take up spool inside, or buy a separate one. They are cheap & plentiful.


There are also Art Deco Brownies, but make sure they take 120 film, not 116. Most will probably take 620, which is 120 film on a very slightly shorter roll. You can still get 620, but most people either modify the camera slightly to take 120, or put 120 film on a 620 spool. The Bullet uses 127 and you simply load it.

Kent in SD