I have been watching what Plfitz has been posting lately, seems that he is trying his/her hand at multiple filter printing.
As you I sometimes use single filters and sometimes multiple,, most times in my case its more than one filter.

I remember the days of burning in highlights or being forced to lower contrast.. or seeing very flat prints with lousy blacks.- this being the printers curse
Those days seem to be gone for me.
I agree that Plfitz should get a handle of each filter first before moving to a seemingly more complicated multiple filter method.. I have posted many times over the years
my method, which may or may not work in others darkrooms.

One thing that I will say... the Dodging Tool seems to be the most underrated tool . In my Darkroom it the weapon of mass destruction.. the main tool, with burning in a close second.. Without this tool I do not think I can make certain types of prints.

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Bob, in the original post to this thread, and the previous thread on this topic, no burning and dodging were done. Under those conditions, nothing is gained or lost by either using a single filter or multiple filters.

Obviously in the examples you are giving, where different parts of the print need different contrasts, this cannot be done with one filter. I use multiple filters all the time in this context, so I'm not trying to contradict anyone here.

The reason I directed OP to the Ilford paper has nothing to do with advocating for or against the split grade technique. I'm doing it because in each instance the original post signals some basic VC "foundations" would be of value. It helps to know which filters do what, etc. The Ilford paper is a good intro, without getting into unnecessary technical detail.

Said another way, people seem to often be putting the cart before the horse.