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I have been watching what Plfitz has been posting lately, seems that he is trying his/her hand at multiple filter printing.
As you I sometimes use single filters and sometimes multiple,, most times in my case its more than one filter.

I remember the days of burning in highlights or being forced to lower contrast.. or seeing very flat prints with lousy blacks.- this being the printers curse
Those days seem to be gone for me.
I agree that Plfitz should get a handle of each filter first before moving to a seemingly more complicated multiple filter method.. I have posted many times over the years
my method, which may or may not work in others darkrooms.

One thing that I will say... the Dodging Tool seems to be the most underrated tool . In my Darkroom it the weapon of mass destruction.. the main tool, with burning in a close second.. Without this tool I do not think I can make certain types of prints.
No disagreement there. I do more burning than dodging, but either way, local control is a powerful tool.

The other thing I always try to clarify is that what is typically referred to as "split grade" (ie hardest and softest) is nothing more than a specific type of split filtering.