If you are a photographer selling artwork, the cost of the film is a very insignificant part of your expenses. I don't know if it's the age of the internet, but this entitlement mentality that comes from "free" news, "free" software, etc. is frightening.

In my portrait studio, I currently charge $65 for a mounted 5x7, and people happily pay it. Why? Because they are paying for the content of the image that is printed on that 5x7, not for the raw materials used to produce it. They are paying for emotion, for memories, and they value that greatly. Some people, of course, say "well, crap, I can make my own photos for a lot less than that!" To which I would say "yes, but you can't make MY photographs." That's the difference.

When you buy a roll of film, you are paying not only for the equipment used to make it, but also for the brainpower needed to design it, quality control it, box it, ship it, etc. which is significantly more expensive than the equipment.

Some of us, I am sure, can make our own film or paper if we wanted to. Not me, but even if I could, why bother? You can buy a sheet of 4x5 film for $1.50 or less. A 4x5 contact print on Lodima (the most expensive paper currently available) will cost a whopping $0.65. It's a lot cheaper than golf. Last time I played, it was $75. That's 20 rolls of HP5!