If you get a price for metol , would you let me know where , I am looking for 25 lb quantity, I have tried my local supplier and am getting a quote from Artcraft.
I am making my own as well, I would suggest you could make a stock solution . I keep mine in a 20 litre container and it lasts for the time lines I work in.
I have kept all my Ilford multigrade 5 litre containers so I can mix 30 - 40 litres at a time of stock and use as I go.

I would be very interested how far you go down this wormhole and then I would like to steal your idea.

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I wonder if this is feasible...

I'm going to mix my own Dektol (D-72) from scratch. I have a question about the process.

I know the basic method of mixing such from scratch is, I go from top of the list and start adding components. Dissolve one completely then go to the next step. Then I thought... Dektol comes in one package already mixed. Can I create a powder mix first and just add water like I would with pre-packaged Dektol?

For the same reason, can I mix up dry chemicals, seal it in a bottle for one shot quantity or create a foil packaged/heat sealed one per serving packet? The mix doesn't decay if I keep it away from oxygen and not add water, correct? I'm envisioning one packet per serving type thing.... To avoid uneven mixing, I will measure each packet separately.