One thing I have difficult with is getting people to understand that a photography outing is a lot like going hunting or fishing. You don't just go out, throw your line into the water and catch a fish. Neither do you just go out and snap a picture.

There is a lot of waiting for the right moment and there is an element of luck involved. Some days you bite the bear. Some days the bear bites you, so to speak.

An outing, no matter what the reason, is a social occasion which gives one the opportunity to participate in some "sporting" activity, whether that "sport" be fishing, photography or what-have-you.

I recently went on vacation and, on the drive home, we stopped at New River Gorge in West Virginia. Of course, I wanted to take pictures but my wife seemed to have the idea that I would just get out of the car and take pictures. She didn't seem to understand that there is a lot of walking around, looking, talking and just plain enjoying the scenery.

I wonder whether the OP's partner has the same attitude.

I suppose that we, as photographers, could participate in the things that our partners want to do but I often feel that unspoken pressure that says, "Okay, go take pictures, now." :|