Well firstly I'd like to point out that if my partner wants to do something like go clothes shopping, I'm extremely supportive and encouraging, so it's not a one way street!

My partner is verbally supportive, but her body language belies this. That and little things like getting very cross with holding the dog and telling me how she won't keep still. I did once manage to get her to burn through a roll of film on a Trip35 on an outing and will be trying the same tactic tomorrow, presumably if I can get her hooked then there'll be no problems. Apart from perhaps who has to hold the dog!

I like the fishing analogy, so I do sometimes go out on my own so I can sit and wait for the right shot. It would, however, be nice to share this with someone, but at least I should be thankful I don't have a partner who's negative. No pun intended.