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In the old days, before the internet, people would often read publications by Kodak, Ilford etc on how to develop film, how to print etc. In many cases, particularly for the beginner, these publications can serve as excellent starting points before venturing into discussions with other photographers about how to do things.
I would add books to the list. In November, I hosted a basic b&w workshop and gave the participants a CD ROM with links to, and pdf's, of a very similar list to yours. In addition, I gave them a bibliography of actual books that are still available. All of these (and more) were available on Amazon as of 60 days ago, and I would bet most of them still are. In fact, most of these are even available at a local used book store.

Way Beyond Monochrome, Ralph W. Lambrecht and Chris Woodhouse 2nd edition 2011
The Amateur Photographer’s Handbook, Aaron Sussman, 8th edition 1979
Black & White Photography - Basic Manual, Henry Horenstein, 2nd edition 1983
Black and White Photography: A Basic Manual, Henry Horenstein, 3rd edition, 2004
Creative Black and White Photography, Les McLean, 2002
The Camera; The Negative; The Print, Ansel Adams, 1995
The Darkroom Cookbook, Stephen Anchell, 3rd edition 2008
Basic Developing, Printing, Enlarging in Black-and-White, Kodak, 1982

I do wish new photographers would read, rather than depending on instant answers from the internet. All of the information is out there.