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Since B&W film averages more than that per square foot, and color film averages much more than that (about 3X that of B&W)
Is there really 3x more silver in C41 than in B&W film? My impression was that with the final density being due to dyes no silver and the overall CI generally being lower, the quantity of silver was generally lower in C41 film. And that C41 fixer seems to be more-dilute than B&W fixer.

As to the OP, the breakdown depends heavily on which manufacturer's film you buy and from which retailer:
- Kodak has HUGE plant, arguably much too large for current market conditions, so capital costs will be significant and likely problematic for them,
- Ilford seems to have more-appropriately-sized plant but it's probably more labour-intensive to run,
- Efke while they existed had a tiny ancient coater and such small runs that they were probably paying more for materials;
- if you buy from B&H or Freestyle, the price is similar to what the manufacturer is selling it for
- if you buy it from a storefront in Australia, the price is 3x as high so 2/3 of the cost is going to distribution & retail