Maybe something of interest to some people-maybe not!I recently bought a set of 3 cameras on ebay,one of which was an Argus brick.Before opening up the back I tried to wind on the film winder,but I was at the end of a roll of film.I rewound it and took it out.It was a roll of Kodachrome 64,the empty box with the camera suggests that it expired in July of 1983.I developed the film in straight d76 for 15 minutes at 70 deg.After my usual fix in Kodak rapid fix for 4 minutes,and washing,I soaked the film in a solution of 1 laundry scoop(!) of boraxo and 500ml of hot water for 5 minutes,the remjet backing came off,very messy but it did come off.The negatives were dark green and showed not a whole lot of artistic merit(just like my own).The included scan is of a print I just made,of the only face on the roll of film,on my HP, 4 in one scanning thing.The print is on V.C.paper.Lesson-Don't throw away your undeveloped family Kodachrome negatives!kodachrome dev.d76 15min 70 deg.jpg