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This is only my 2 cents worth. But I have been using Packard shutters since 1947. I like the air release because it does not shake the camera. Instantanious is 1/25th (usually, shutter bulbs and hose varies this a little). If you open the shutter in bulb mode on the first letter of click-uh, and close it on the h, that's 1/10th of a second. click is about a fifth, one chimp is 1/2, one chimpanzee is a second. Practice with "one chimpanzee until the second hand of a watch or clock says you've used up one second. This air release has been used on these shutters for 120 years, and is still in use. Learn it, and love it!!
i feel the same way about old wollensak studio shuters ...
with an air release ( degroff piston ) you can get it pretty fast ( 25th )
and depending on how you squeeze it you can slow it down or actually
get the shutter to stay open like a bulb mode ... the bulb releases are worth their weight in gold ..