Hey guys,
Thanks for all the replies, they've really made me smile. As for the couple, they're friends of mine who eat, sleep, and breathe vintage. Their apartment is from the late 1940s, and most everything is period. I think they're not going to be historical accuracy police (their car is a 1940 Dodge which is 5 years "too new") but I wanted to gather people's thoughts.

I'm not their photographer, and I definitely want to enjoy myself rather than worry about missing great shots. That being said, here's what I've got in the arsenal:
-8x10 Korona view
-4x5 Burke & James press (but its from 1947)
-4x5 Pony Premo from the 1910s
-various 120 and 620 Kodak folders from the late teens to the early 50s
-a number of 1920s-1940s box cameras.

I kinda feel like I'll take the Pony Premo to the wedding (4x5 is way more portable than 8x10) and maybe a Kodak Jiffy Six-20 or perhaps the Brownie Bullet suggested to the reception.

Any feedback is of course greatly appreciated!


PS. I'll post the photos afterwards.