Topcon RE-2 SLR in working condition and excellent cosmetic condition. I'm not sure how accurate the meter is, but it responds decently to light. The light seals look acceptable, but like any vintage SLR they could use updating if serious use is contemplated. This SLR has exceptional build quality that easily rivals Nikon, Leica and others - it's quite a gem. The RE-2 will accept Topcon or Exakta mount lenses. I have some modestly priced Exakta lenses available is someone wants to make a kit out of it. Sold as shown with Topcon body cap (battery not included - Wein MRB625 recommended). Price: $100 plus shipping

Fuji X-Tra 400 color print film with 2012 dating. I am selling 16 rolls at 24 exposures a roll. This is very good film and I've shot from this lot recently with good results. Price: $24 plus shipping