Yeah I know, this wasn't one of Nikons great lenses, but I've always seemed to have one or two around. It's a weird focal length, based on 43mm being the perfect normal lens for 35mm cameras I guess. I picked up an original model off my shelf, and got to thinking, should I try to shoot this again? It's been years since I've used this, as I use the newer designed ai lens if I decide to use one. Zoom lenses have changed a lot since then, but this was a nicely built lens, fairly small, push-pull zoom-focus in one ring, and a constant 3.5 aperture.
I actually compared the two lenses years ago when I picked up the newer model, and was surprised at the difference! The older lens was much softer around the edges, even when stopped down a couple of stops. But I do remember using this to an advantage when taking portraits wide open at 86mm. The newer design is a much better lens, but I think the damage to the lenses reputation was already done, as nobody ever seems to have anything good to say about either of them.

Does anybody still use this lens, and if so what do you think about it?