Video: My favorite rechargeables and my most hated battery.

What's you favorite brands of batteries?

I just came back from the store. I was going to buy the Energizer rechargeables but the price is marked up way too high. $15 for a four pack is ridiculous. Right now I'll keep an eye out online for cheap rechargeable Energizers. I'm still happy with my 18 Eneloops. I thought I lost some but it turns out my gf puts them in wall clocks and remotes. Kinda pointless for rechargeables (as you'll probably forget about them completely and the gf will throw them away).

As mentioned in the video, those yellow rechargeables are crap. I also have those green Radio Shack house branded rechargeables. I don't use them with flashes anymore, just for the wii. They don't last very long but they do work very well with the 15 minute quick charger. Sanyo Eneloops seem to lose capacity when used with the quick charger (maybe they never reach 100% charge? idk).

I'm currently shopping for another Metz Mecablitz 45 (hammer style flash). I want to mod the flash so that it could take two 25500 (C sized) lithium ion batteries. Some resistors would have to be replaced to work with the 7.2v output of the lithium ion cells, but that's not too hard. The charge time in between flashes would be consistant until the battery dies. And the capacity would be 10000mAh.