Good afternoon.

A cousin of mine who is towards his forties, all of a sudden had a recall for the polaroids of his youth and asked me some advice. Frankly speaking I've never been a fan of polaroids so I have little knowledge of the entry-level cameras, and all the fuss obout instant film packs got me confused lately. I've read the "Polaroid for a teenager" thread, which seemed to fit my case as well, but it confused me even more: it seemed like everybody was suggesting something different for no apparent reason.

Was it me, I'd buy a Land 250 and use it with Fuji 100-C, full stop. But my cousin has little to zero knowledge of classic photography and I think he will not get accustomed to the 250 controls, and that camera is also on the expensive side. Moreover, I think he has in mind those Polaroids that ejected the paper from the front.

I suspect, however, that no decent film is being made for paper-ejecting polaroids, is that correct? I mean: aside from the Impossible Project. I am a big fan of the Impossible Project, but the pictures I've seen so far are much inferior to the ones taken with Fuji 100-C, and also I've read not good things on their stability. So I would rule them out for a man in his thirties who recalls great things about polaroids.

Is there any film pack of the "eject-type" paper still made by Fuji or similar "big" brands? If positive, which camera would you suggest as easy to use, with realiabel mechanics and also with a fairly decent lens?

Supposing the polaroid peel-type is instead the only real option, which camera would you suggest? I think he needs something cheaper than the 250, without telemeter and all these things he has probably never heard about, but still with a decent lens that would take pictures he will like to look at and show to friends.

Thanks for reading.