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A while back, PE reported decent results by reversal processing Kodak Endura paper. Use D-72 as a first developer, rinse well, re-expose, and process as for RA-4. I know this does not work using Fuji Crystal Archive.
Strange, it worked for me with Crystal Archive (FG, not Type II). The first developer wasn't D-72, though, but a mixture of Ilford PQ and D-76. Tried it with Ultra Endura F and N as well, and those looked a bit better to my eyes. Crystal Archive had warmer, almost brownish shadows. Velvia on Endura was pretty cold in tones. Contrast is far too high, even with Sensia. Still have to try it with Astia and CDU-II, thouse could work better. Not sure if added sodium sulphite could help with contrast, there's a lengthy thread here on APUG on reversal RA-4, it's worth digging through it.