I got an F90 basically free with a lens. I wanted an 28-70 f3.5 AF-D from the auction site, but they always went for more than I wanted. Then I noticed this F90 for sale with what looked like a 28-70 on it from a very blurry photo, so I bid for it and got the camera and lens for less than the lenses were going for. It turned out to be the right lens, but then I had this spare F90, which I didn't actually need. I thought about re-selling it so I cleaned it up (the usual rubber coating was coming off the film back), and ran a roll through it. I have an F100, so I thought there was no way I needed it, but found I actually really liked it! So I'm going to keep it for black and white HP5 shooting. This is a really nice camera, and they are going for virtually nothing at the moment, much less than an F100. The only extra that seems to be useful for me for the F100 is using the thumbwheel to set aperture on CPU lenses, which is no big deal for me as most of mine are manual focus non-cpu anyway.