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This isn't really a practical suggestion, but also in the ArtDeco theme is the Kodak 3A series II, which I think was introduced in 1935 or 1936. It took 122 film, but it's a neat camera. It could be modified to use 120. I cut a 1/2 inch strip off the top of a sheet of 4x5 and it fits nicely, but then you'd be limited to "single shot" use.

Here's info:

Here's one for sale!:
Rollfilmback where available for The Bergheil, both 9X12 and 6,5X9 versions and they took 120 film.
The quest was a popular camera of the time, not a popular practical camera of the time
IIRC they even had some kind of quickload holders.
Hmm did the grafmatic holders exist back then?
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