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I see what you mean about there being similarities between formula; they are all using the same components for the most part. I wouldn't say they have identical quantities, though. Dupont LD-1, for example, has less paraformaldehyde than Kodak D-85. That's going to have an effect on the working solution's alkalinity, won't it?
D-85 calls for 37.5g of paraformaldehyde in part B. LD-1 uses 7.5g and is a single solution mix. D-85 is mixed at a ratio of four parts A to one part B, so for every litre of working solution*, it contains (37.5/5)=7.5g of paraformaldehyde. If you do the same calculation on the other ingredients, you'll find the quantities very similar.

*) "working solution" is a little misleading as it requires further dilution with water before use as a lith paper developer.