I bought a cheap MPP Micro Technical off eBay, knowing it would not work perfectly.
Firstly, the shutter (a press-compur) is super sticky, when i removed the cells, it would get a bit faster in the times, but nowhere near correct times, and cocking/shooting it improved the times, temporarily. 1/400 seems perfect, i think it might be a seperate mechanic part, because cocking it feels totally different. Does this sound like it just needs CLA, and can that be done easily?

Secondly, the image is really hard to see, as if the image follows me when i move around, and thus have to move my head around when i focus. I don't know if this is due to the focus hood missing, or maybe because of light leaks, or other (to me) less obvious reasons.
I'm new to LF and view cameras, but i've read up a lot about it and my "other" camera is the RB67.

Cheers, and TIA