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The final rinse is the wrong one, you have listed the C41 rinse. You don't need the bleach starter or the pre bleach. Kodak document J-83 outlines what is needed for small processing to replace the 5 gallon kit, and what is needed for larger replenishment systems. You can adapt those for small processing, but a pre bleach isn't needed in non replenished systems, nor is a bleach starter. The starters for both developers is needed to stay in control and aim limits. I will admit I am wrong in all these statements if someone who uses them can chime in.
Yea the company didn't have the final rinse available from Kodak I had HOPED they were the same for C-41

Good to know so starter is REALY only for the dev chems, since the others are more about "to completion" then the dev's which are a controlled time/potency balance?

perhaps when I have $300 I'll order some haha


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