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i've never seen older ladies in a penthouse magazine. anyway, i replaced mine with a nikkor 35-70f/3.3-4.5, which s terrible at any fstopeven oon my d800.
This is an interesting comment. I've used the Nikon 35-70mm 3.3-4.5 lens mentioned, and have had very good results with it. In fact I've had other photographers ask what lens I used to take the photos they've seen me show them, because they thought they were very sharp. I've seen good comments on it and bad comments on it. Moose Peterson thinks its a sleeper lens giving very sharp results, while Ken Rockwell thinks it's a piece of crap. Given my experience with it, I can only assume that there must be a lot of manufacturing variance between lenses.
Never heard about the Penthouse magazine connection with the 43-86 lens. Thought it was mostly vaseline on the filter. (to cover the old ladies wrinkles)