I bought a 'Braun Hobby Automatic' unit for 14 in the Canadian Maple Leaf store near Iserlohn when I was there in Germany with the British Army in 1957 -- in England with all the Taxes they were over 39 !! It had a power pack held from the shoulder and had the 'Vibrator' and two small lead acid batteries and a mains lead -- I got a second flash head for it - some years later I was GIVEN another unit and later 'rescued' some more Braun Hobbys from a Photographer who was taking them to the Council Dump -- I cleaned off all the mud and dust and plugged them into the mains and they WORKED -- I STILL use several 1950's Braun Hobby units and an EF300 with extra flash heads -- all working off the mains only - no batteries available any more !