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Thanks, this is what I suspected.

While I did use up a pack of 10 sheets of Ilford MG RC in 20x24 for getting my workflow dialed, I have no intention of selling people RC prints, only fiber. The big thing for me at least for the next 2-5 years is space, I am very limited on it and the drums make that end of the job a lot easier. And like I said above, I will be doing a max size of 20x24 until later this year at the earliest, so I have everything I need for that, including either trays I can put in the tub for washing or better yet, only put half the dividers in my 16x20 Eco-Wash and then carefully put the 20x24 fiber paper in favoring the short dimension, flipping them half way through the wash. I figure I can wash 4-5 prints like this at a time.

One day when I have the space, I will consider other methods, but for now, I have to mastermind what I have at my disposal.
Hi, PKM-25,

I was not addressing your particular concerns but rather the op's. The only salient point I have to offer regarding the topic of large fb or rc prints is that making large prints in drums offers no advantages over scrolling in troughs. Quite the opposite - drums introduce needless variables and a host of new ways to crimp your print, fiber or rc. They will also take up more room.