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If your working approach requires longer than the 3-7 minutes (mine often does), and a CD test shows no "bad" light being emitted from the LEDs, then you might also try looking for conventional light leaks. The Rubylith should do the job if the LEDs are the only source of light in the room. (See above post.)

As for me, old habits die hard. No matter that I know my red light is safe, I still keep an oversized sheet of beat-up black construction paper handy and will instinctively cover the exposed sheet of paper in the easel each time I step away for a moment. I just can't break that habit.

Actually, 7 minutes is plenty long for me. I used to do mostly color and as such was in total darkness. I usually us the safelight now if I can't work by feel, misplace something or get disoriented.