Thought this might be some what funny to those who dabble with 70mm film. Been interested in this format since about 2001. Wanted to shoot Kodak 2424 B&W Infrared film with my 4x5 Graflex cameras. Finding 70mm film was easy on EBAY but trying to find reels for my jobo not so easy. A couple of weeks ago I was searching for JOBO parts and ran across a guy selling 9 of these 70mm reels, I couldn't believe it. I bought 3 reels from him and right now I am actually running some 70mm E6 film in my JOBO as I am writihg this. Recently I talked to Simon Galley from Ilford and he told me Ilford will be making 70mm HP5 and FP4 this year in there ULF run, YES fresh 70mm film!