never shoot color so i never use a lab,
i use a pro lab once in a while to do other things i can't speak about here though ..
i used to use a lab ( fuji and dwaynes through sam's club )
a few times a week e6/c41 and 8mm movie film, they were inexpensive.
i don't use fuji anymore, they keep the film to save on delivery costs i hear.
i still have some e6+c41 35mm - 8x10 sizes and i am debating whether to
process it myself ( don't like the idea of pouring the color chems down the drain )
or processing them in coffee ( beautiful smooth grained b/w ) or mailing them
out of state to be processed ( no one local processes anything bigger than 35mm in-state )

so short story is 0% now, but 1% that might change.

i probably will just process it all in coffee ... and use something electric for color
or make tri color prints ( negatives at least )