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Same with my E; no click-stops. It seems like most cameras/lenses allow intermediate aperture settings. Even with those that have click stops, if you can get the ring to stay where you put it between detents, it often works. (Easy enough to test -- just watch the iris.) I suppose there are probably some click-stopped ones where the blades don't move at all until you get to the next click stop, so half-stops are impossible -- but I can't think of which cameras/lenses do this. Anyway, you'll love the E. Great, great machine. Well worth the expense of a CLA if it needs one. Then load up some ASA 50 film and go at it. Planar or Xenotar?
Tomorow I'm going to run a roll or two through it. I'm looking forward to it.

I got it from Krimar Photo, so it's been CLAed. It's a Xenotar. It's the first camera I've owned that I kind of have a crush for. I hope I still feel the same after shooting it.