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I thought you meant that but the real Mr H died in the 80's so I was confused and only just realized you must have meant in the movie the actor was at his first screening. I thought you were saying you went to the screening of the movie and in the theater box you saw Mr. H appear... Haha a ghost perhaps? Lol can ghost filters change light waves? Does ghost Magenta really exist? Hehe...


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My apologies, not very well written. Although he was famous for putting himself in unobtrusive background positions. Peter Jackson has done the same in one pic to my knowledge.

"Hitchcock" (the film) is interesting but apparently not very accurate, needs must if you're constructing drama, I guess. The period cutting room is spot on though, no German flatbeds in those days but machines for MEN: Moviolas! (I'm joking folks, the famous editor Verna Fields must have been a whizz on the machine of champs.)