I've got a Graflex RB Super D camera and I've been thinking of taking it out for a spin. I've been practicing with it, doing dry fire, until I think I'm ready to shoot for real. Next time I get a day off and the weather is ice, I'm planning to take it out.

With it, I have a Graflex "23" roll film holder. I feel confident that I know how to load and use it but I have one question.

The frame counter shows that I get 8 frames out of a roll of 120 film but, it looks like I can get 9 if I'm careful at the end of the roll.

I have an old roll of film I keep around for practice. I spoiled a roll, a while back, so I figured I might as well get some use out of it.
When I want to practice with a camera, I load it up then, when I'm done, I roll it back to the beginning by hand.

So... In my practice runs with the Graflex "23" holder, I noticed that there is a frame's worth of film left at the tail of the roll.
I looks like, if I'm careful, there's one more exposure there. When you get to exposure number 8, press the release lever and turn the knob just until the point of the arrow lines up with the index mark.

I suppose I could try it and, if it doesn't work, I'll know but I just wondered what the experts think.