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All of the theaters in my area went digital. Now, I just won't go to the movies.
Same here. The last local movie I went to see looked like crap. And I had to pay through the nose for the privilege. No more.

You know, I have access to a beautiful Remington portable typewriter. A 1930s pedigree, I believe. Belonged to my grandmother. It still looks and shines like brand new in its original travel case. Maybe I should drive it down to Portland and let Blue Moon have a go at it.

Then use a (real) keyboard to type a (real) letter on (real) paper using (real) ink, and mail it from a (real) post office to the local theater manager and complain. And CC the head of the theater company—using (real) carbon paper—while I'm at it.

Think they'd be deep enough to get the symbolism??