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As far as I know, drums are the only way to soup prints in spaces other than a darkroom, that is my primary reason for using them, not only do they take up less space when doing large sizes, you can use a kitchen or other bright area to get the job done.
This is a good pt. I didn't realize you're having to process with the lights on. That's an unfortunate scenario. But as far as the amount of chemistry is concerned, I process in troughs with the minimum amount of chemistry for a one-shot process. For a 40x60 fb print that's less than a gallon of working dektol. I can work with one tray, but prefer two. My trays (54" X 10" X 4") take up a lot less room than a 40" x whatever size plastic drum.

More importantly, removing a wet fb mural from the inside of a cylinder that you're hoping it adhered to during processing cannot possibly be a fun time. Crimp city.