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If one camp claims exposure meters "read" 18% and another 12%, shouldn't a person have the intellectual curiosity to investigate?
No, not if they do not wish to take themselves to that level just to improve their photographic skills, it's not a crime. Having one meter and using it intellegently and consistently is the key. I personally don't give a rats ass what my Pentax V spot meter is calilbrated for, my photography in know way is dependent upon knowing it. You get yourself up in arms waaaaaaayyyy too much any time the words "film test" is mentioned in a thread title.

How many of the people who do Zone System type testing ask themselves why their EIs are almost universally 1/2 to one stop slower than the ISO speed?
Again, it is not a crime to not have a burning passion to know "why", knowing that it "could be" different and knowing "how" to determine it within the confines of their tools and working process has, for decades, worked so friggin well for many folks. Channeling one's passion into knowing "how" to make themselves better is no less an act of self-help than also laboring on the intricacies of the "why". So, any time a person wants to talk about film speed testing for "their" needs, it would be just grand if you would just once, provide some simple words of advice, rather than use it as a step ladder to a soap box. Not everybody needs to get neck deep with "battery" testing to make themselves and their photography better.

No malice in these words man, just an opinion. Perhaps take advantage of APUG and write a series of articles on, not only the "how" of things, but also on the nuance, the minutiae or all the little "whys" that can, so often, muddy the stream of consciousness thinking that goes into simply making an expressive image. Confine the spirit of the articles to what you do for yourself, not what you think we all need to be doing. I will read them and take interest in what you do.