I have just picked up a newer Pacemaker Graphic and have to clean house a bit. For sale is my Anniversary Speed Graphic with the Graflock back I put on a few years ago. The camera will not win any beauty contests but is completely and immediately useable. The lens is what I believe to be the original for the camera, a Zeiss 135 with the proper solenoid for firing with the original flash (not included). Shutter works fine, glass is clean but certainly not perfect. Back has the fresnel lens fitted, the focal plane shutter works perfectly and has no pinholes. This is the camera I have been using for the last six or seven years as a base for barrel lens experiments and has just completed a 9000 mile drive with me... I kind of hate to let it go, but having bought a new(er) one, I can't justify its hanging around the studio any more. I will miss the ease with which I coule make simple 4" lens boards from masonite or even foam-core board for this camera, but that's the price of progress, I guess. I'll include a couple so the new owner can see how they can be made.

$200 plus shipping (with lenscap and two film holders). I'll ship it the cheapest way possible with insurance.