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We now come to the disadvantages of this attribute: for it happens, by a singular fatality, that upon it hangs the chief reproach to photographic reproductions as works of Art. The fact is, that it is too truthful. It insists upon giving us ‘the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” Now, we want, in Art, the first and last of these conditions, but we can dispense very well with the middle term. Doubtless, it is truly the province of Art to improve upon nature, by control and arrangement, as it is to copy her closely in all that we do imitate; and, therefore, we say boldly, that by the non-possession of these privileges, photography pays a heavy compensation to Art, and must for ever remain under an immense disadvantage in this respect.

Francis Frith, in Newhall 1980, p. 117
In your photography, do you try to "improve upon nature, by control and arrangement"? (And how?)

Do you agree with the premise of the quote? Why?