I've put this camera in the for sale section but I'm open to trade offers so I'm posting it here. Right now I'm interested in either a medium format or large format system but if you've got some 35mm stuff I'd hear you out. I'd like to end with money on my side or at least even. Message me if you've got anything interesting, I'll listen to pretty much any offer. Thanks. Below is the text from my FS ad.
So I'm selling off my Leica M6TTL.
I bought this from KEH about 2 years ago and everything still works great. The bottom plate fits a little tight but it makes no difference. It still has the plastic covering on the bottom plate.
This does not have the MP finder and I haven't had it CLA'd (I don't fix things that aren't broken).
It comes with the Leica strap.

Also this nice book:
Within the Frame by David duChemin
Paperback $15

CONUS only sale.
Payment via PayPal.
I ship using USPS and only to PayPal confirmed addresses.

PM me with any questions.