I've pretty much given up on using rechargeable AAs except in a digital P&S. I generally use the Costco (US Warehouse store) brand for AA and AAA. I avoid other off brand batteries in anything where the battery stays in the devise and can leak. Though I have had a number of Ray-o-vac batteries (left in a flashlight) leak.

I do like the Pro-cells (made by Duracell). I used to get bunches of "used 1 time" Pro-cells free (they where used in recording and they would use a fresh battery in each session). I found that they had a very long shelf life and I never experienced any leaking.

Of course, for all I know, all the batteries come out of the same factory in China.

I've had a couple of small devises come with multiple generic alkaline button cells where 1 cell depletes much faster than the other cells (used concurrently) in that devise. I attribute that to inconsistent manufacturing quality; but I can't back that up with any actual testing.