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I know a guy with a hasselblad that I know for a fact hasnt been used in 20 years. Not exactly sure of the model - think 500c or similar. He knows I have a mild interest in it, although i've never tried to deal. Recently he half implied he might move it on. I haven't seen it. don't really need it, but it could be a bargain because he thinks it is probably not fit to use without a service, and i did agree with this when it was mentioned.

haven't got a clue how vulnerable a hassy is to age degradation, and how much of a risk it could be.

I have no experience with hassies. I am a Rollei SLR man. I would check prices at KEH and on ebay and go from there. Buying used equipment is a bit of a crap shoot. Personally if something doesn't look Mint- or Excellent+ I don't buy it. There is plenty of stuff out there. I bought a 4x5 enlarger for $50 once. Before I made my first print on it I easily spent three times that much on lenses, negative carriers, filters, etc. The enlarger had rust in multiple places but everything in the optical path was good... besides the lenses. I actally felt bad about only giving the guy $50 for the entire enlarger setup, but once I busied myself getting it in optimal working order I started feeling $50 was too much!