We, at Lodima Archival Materials sell only Alpha Rag ArtCare board. Our prices are the lowest we have seen. We have no minimums and will custom cut to any size. It does not matter to us if someone wants 16x20 or 15.5 x 19.375. Same price.

And we custom cut overmats with our computerized mat cutter--a $28,000 piece of equipment. Again. No minimums and will cut any size overmat on up to 40x60 board.

Our shipping costs are UPS exact costs plus $15 handling for most orders, and $20 handling for large boards. This is because we use about $10 to $15 dollars worth of bubble wrap for each order, and sometimes more. And it can easily take a good 15 minutes, or longer, to wrap and box the board. We have never had a bent corner in all the boards we have shipped. We are fanatic about packing board well. So fanatic are we that we travel a considerable distance to pick up board from Bainbridge whenever we need to re-stock. We once had board shipped to us, early on, and a few sheets arrived with bent corners. That was unacceptable to us.

We are photographers. We got this equipment for our own use first, and then decided to make it available for others' orders. All of the board is cut either by myself or by Richard Boutwell, who has been with us for over ten years. We're fanatic about quality--for ourselves, as many of you know--and by extension, for others as well.

We can, and do, make recommendations about board sizes, overmat sizes, mounting, hinging prints, dry mounting, and everything else you can think of asking. And we do this from a knowledgeable base. You don't get some relatively unskilled employee's thoughts and recommendations.

As Richard noted in a previous post on this thread, we are about to install a board shear--a guillotine--and as soon as it is up and running we hope to greatly expand our business.

We also sell Nielsen metal section frames at very low prices. They can be drop shipped right to you. These are not on our web site yet, but inquire by email.

Michael A. Smith