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I got it from Krimar Photo, so it's been CLAed. It's a Xenotar. It's the first camera I've owned that I kind of have a crush for. I hope I still feel the same after shooting it.
You will still feel the same, or more so. The only thing I buggered up on early forays with mine was forgetting to run the film leader under the appropriate roller to make the auto-sensing film advance work. If you make that mistake, the film will wind on forever instead of stopping at frame 1 ready to go. That's totally my user error due to coming from 35 mm and from other medium format where you line up arrows or use ruby windows. Anyway, I find that the Rolleiflex feels right, and has appropriate rendering (with the Planar anyway) for street/post-industrial scenes, textures and geometric forms, and the like, although there are plenty of people out there making portraits with them, which they were also intended for.

I concur with TheFlyingCamera; it's not good for action, wildlife, chasing spastic small children, etc. Skip the various kludge add-ons that were gamely offered over the years to try to surmount these limitations. Those things have become expensive due to collector interest; you'll do better to use more appropriate cameras that you already have, for other situations (RF for very low light, SLRs for long tele work, etc.).