Either IR film is really super grainy, or HC-110 is not the Dev for me. I've pushed Tri-x 400 to 3200 and gotten WAY higher accutence, it's like a mucky mess. Maybe I'm pixel peeping too much, the overall "look" is pleasing, but even the slightest zoom and there's an obvious muddy appearance. Some certainly were over exposed, some only slightly enough that they scanned with no adjustment. Even the few images I didn't have to adjust pre-scan look muddy, the actual grain in the soft areas seems "fine" but nothing is sharp and the falloff from light to dark is just bleh... now Dan don't take this in any kind of insulting way AT ALL, I had NO experience with this film so I think taking your advice was a valuable choice and I really wouldn't have had anything if it weren't for you and the others who gave input. Seems as far as exposure, the most natural exposure was the one I took as a joke out of my car door at a gas station while my GF was filling the tank (yep that's how I roll haha, no seriously it was just her turn to pay, we were sharing in gas expenses), I used my in camera meter instead of the spot meter. Really motivated to get better imagery and I wish I had actually stopped and taken some conifers in the snow and some close up shots rather than mostly wide's, I was kind of in a hurry to catch the plane, just wanted to kill a roll in the wide open landscape.

I set the camera to IR "infinity" in most all shots and I think I had it at f/11 the whole time, so it just shouldn't be this mucky the whole way through.

I'll be posting 5 of the 10 in my gallery but here is an example of the mucky grain I mentioned, is this normal?

RolleiIR-HC110B-Eps3200002-Edit.jpgScreen Shot of Crop.jpgRolleiIR-HC110B-Eps3200002-Edit-2.jpg