Hi All,

Thanks to some encouragement from the kind people here at APUG, and a sincere desire to take responsibility for my art from beginning to end, I am almost ready to develop my own B&W negatives at home. For what it's worth, I've been shooting film for a while, so I know what a good negative is supposed to look like. Now is the time, though, to take ownership of the process.

There is one main purpose to writing this post:

There is a difference between reading someone else's instructions and being able to communicate what needs to be done. I am hoping that some on the forum might read through my plan and see if there are obvious flaws in my planned workflow.

I have on hand:

one medium-sized Dark-Bag
one Patterson Super-System 4 Tank
one bag of D76
one 1-Litre bottle of Ilford Rapid Fixer
one 16oz bottle of Photoflo
one 1-gallon opaque jug in which to mix the developer stock
three 500ml graduates
a good thermometer
the Massive Development Chart app on my phone (for the timers and recipes)
Several rolls of exposed film

Here's my plan as I see it in my head:

  1. Mix up the D76 in the 1-gallon jug using the directions on the bag, and let that cool overnight.
  2. (The Next Day) Mix the Developer stock with water (1+1) to fill one 500ml graduate.
  3. Mix the Rapid Fixer with water (1+4) to fill one 500ml graduate.
  4. Mix the Photoflo with water (2.5+500) to fill the last graduate.
  5. Fill extra large container with 20-Degree Celsius water.
  6. Load the film into the spool(s) of the Paterson tank in the Dark-Bag.
  7. Verify 20-degrees Celsius with the thermometer in each graduate, being careful not to cross-contaminate.
  8. Make ready the timer in the Massive Developer Chart app.
  9. Pour in the Developer, start the timer, and invert/agitate when appropriate.
  10. Empty the Developer as the timer is going off.
  11. Fill tank with 20* water stop-bath (5 times) and empty.
  12. Fill tank with Rapid Fixer, start timer, invert/agitate.
  13. Pour fixer back into appropriate gradient for reuse.
  14. Wash with 20* water 10 times over 10 minutes.
  15. Fill tank with Photoflo, start timer.
  16. Pour Photoflo back into appropriate gradient for reuse.
  17. Remove film from tank/spool, hang to dry somewhere the kids won't touch it.

So, that was it. As I can see it in my head, that's what I plan to do.

What did I forget, what am I missing, what else do I need to know?

Thanks in advance!

- WR