I went on a photo walk this afternoon with my trusty, old Konica TC-X SLR, and shot a fresh (unexpired) roll of Arista.edu Ultra 100. The meter seemed to be working fine but nearly all my shots were overexposed, regardless of the subject or lighting. So I'm guessing my meter is off. More disconcerting is the fact that the majority of images also have an excessively grainy appearance. I'm attaching an example of an image that I adjusted for exposure in GIMP. This is typical of the kind of graininess I'm talking about.

So any ideas what went wrong? A few possibilities enter my mind:

(1) The overexposure created the grainy effect.
(2) The age of my developer. I'm using D-76 that was mixed several months ago, but it hasn't yellowed noticeably, as I've seen with really old developer.
(3) I got a bad roll of film.

Or could it be something else I'm missing? I've used this film with excellent results in the past.50mm_meetup_09.jpg