Sorry for the delay in replying.

You can make a chart for any meter/spotmeter, calculating from LV or even EV @ ISO 100 to lux and/or foot-candles.
I'm working on making up a quick reference for my 7D's meter now. The knowledge is there, I've just got to get it on paper! It comes in handy in determining the exposure and values for reference and for discussion, and allows us to better understand the work of those who came before us. Arbitrary EVs and the like often leave out bits that could help us share our experience, as those values and references change over time.

wait...this is based on someone's subjective opinion of "details", right? is that right? it's based on someone's eyeball perception? with no previous calibration to the particular person. Just so this is nice and sparkling clear--is this how it works?--the perception of the individual? Or is there some detail here that's not being seen?
As far as this method being subjective, isn't all our work? When we take readings and expose for our goal, aren't we subjecting the image our interpretation? Not to mention focusing based on our eyesight. I would think that using this method, you could replicate the detail at your desired level.

I'm still curious to hear if anyone has used this method. Based on the comments, it doesn't seem viable or repeatable for real photos.