I am currently in search for the perfect camera bag (you know how that goes) and in particular i'm looking for a quick change lens bag. Specifically for portrait or event shoots, where I can pop the lens off, throw it in the bag, slap another on quickly, freely, and without worry of damaging the lens. I've been mainly using smallish primes, but if such a bag works well, i'll want to use it with my Hasselblad system lenses as well. I do plan on buying some big zooms if I ever get the money, so the bag needs to be able to accommodate those as well. I keep UV filters on all my lenses, so I dont usually worry about the front element, however, when quickly changing lenses, I don't want to have to be constantly messing about with rear lens caps... But at the same time, i don't want to be moving quickly at an event and damage one of my favorite (and likely expensive) lenses.

Any suggestions?