Hey guys.... Any film camera is a great camera. Holga, 4x5, pinhole, 35mm... pick one and use it. I've never even shot a 35mm camera.

Not sure what kind of experiences she had with this Holga, or maybe what she was expecting by shooting with one.

I'm pretty sure they were art students. Non of them out of the 3 had their own darkroom yet. Heck I told one that up till 2 months ago, I was doing contact prints in the bathroom, which pushed me to make a DR. All 3 combined I figured they spent somewhere around 700.00 or so, based on the pile of paper and film they all had.

I wished we could have spent more time talking about film and developing, but they weren't dressed to well to be standing in the parking lot talking due to the weather. It was nice talking with someone face to face that shoots film. No one in the town I'm in shoots with it.

It's been almost like a year since I've gotten to shoot with my RB, since I had to get another back for it. I think I may have screwed the pooch on the orientation of the shots of the guys I shot, because I may not have had the back in the right position. It's all good though. It was a great day to be outside shooting.

I wish I had of packed my 4x5 to let them see it as well.