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I'll watch this to see if such a bag exists, but currently, I would never stow a lens without caps at both ends, nor a camera body with no body cap. Perhaps I'm just a bit too cautious.
I am also that way, but it adds to increased slowness during shoots. For portrait shoots, while getting in the way, its doable, but not so much for event or faster moving shoots. I'm trying to be less about the gear and more about the images lately (whats the point in having great lenses if they never see their potential?) but at the same time, I don't want to damage anything by acting moronic.

I found something which is SORT OF what I'm looking for... I'm certainly not looking for some sort of full body vest/harness with an array of pouches and camera holsters... That would impede my style of shooting.

Any thoughts on this bag? http://shootsac.com/shootsaclensbag.aspx