I wish I had of packed my 4x5 to let them see it as well.[/QUOTE]

See, it's like my wife keeps telling me, "Bigger is better"! My wife is always complaining my camera is a bit on the small side. Alright, she really says it's tooooo little. I have no problems with Holga cameras or that artsy/fartsy type of photography. My only question is why somebody would pay that much for a plastic camera when they could go on eBay and buy much better for less. Most old box cameras and plastic cameras from the 50's are really better made and the results are also similar. You can also take a camera with a better lens and alter it's image quality. Plus, you can reverse it back and have a decent picture taker if you needed better quality. Just my opinion of course, but at least they were buying film/paper instead of a "Compact Flash Card"?