Hi to all. I made the plunge and have started to process my colour negs in a Jobo ATL-1000 using Agfa chemicals. Initial results show a film base density way over what I have been getting through my local photo shop. The Agfa chems have a combined bleach and fix (blix) and require 8 mins @ 40c, the Jobo processor on "standard" C-41 is set for separate bleach and fix, @ 6mins each. If I use a single bath for the 6 mins, this should lead to under fixing and hence the denser than expected film base + fog areas, shouldn't it?
Could I go to completion by using two full strength blix baths for a total of twelve mins, of would this lead to over fixing? Would I need to dilute the solutions, and if so how much by? Can unopened blix concentrates "go off" before being mixed? Finally, has any one got some formulas for mixing my own colour developer and bleach, fix or blix compatible with the Jobo developing times?
Thanks for any advice-Mike